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Archibald Lyall: Black and White Make Brown (1938)

This book is republished - read more... The republished book does not contain all of the images - They are republished here. The map below shows the route Archibald Lyall followed in his two visits to West Africa. The nice thing about this map is, that it shows the locations the different peoples of West Africa live. It is also useful when reading the 'Jesuit Documents'. I have no information on the source of this map and its accuracy. The first part of Lyall's book is dedicated to the Cape Verde Islands; the second part to West Africa.

Archibald Lyall
Black and White Make Brown, 1938
Rosa dos Ventos
Praia Market
Mariana Praia
Morna Players Fogo
Senhor Antonio Evora
The Saltpans Maio
Capverdian Types
Water Hole Maio
The Lions Head St. Vincent
Sunset Washingtons Head St. Vincent
Beggar on Wheels St. Vincent
Rua do Infante Dom Henrique St. Vincent
Memorial Italian Airmen Bolama
Manjaco Bridal Pair
Futa Fula Girl Boe
Futa Fula Women
Girl of Tuan
Fula Batuque Gabu
Fula Dancer Gabu
Fula Girl Gabu
Bissago Girl of Orango
Two Uno Men
Bissago Sculpture
Formosa Drummers
Formosa Dancers
Bull Dancer Formosa
Shark Dance Formosa
Rua Advento Republica Bissau
Praca Teixeira Pinto Bissau
Avenida Imperio Bissau
Papel Dancers Bissau